Water Cycle Program

This fun interactive program covers areas of study regarding the water cycle. Using elements of Movement, Song and Pantomime, the children can more completely integrate the studied information via these reinforcing techniques. The Kit includes a CD with recorded tracks of the music for performance, tracks with music and words from which to learn the songs, lyric sheets, the program narrative and children's speaking parts as well as simple ideas for costuming and prop aids.


With this complete kit you are able to easily put together a program for school, parents or classmates. Not only do they learn about the water cycle and the three states of water while having a great time doing it, but more importantly they realize the part they play in the cycle.


Like a tiny drop of rain or a snowflake, there will never be another created exactly the same. In the same way, there is only one child with their talents, abilities, attributes and way of looking at the world and they each contribute something very special to mankind and this world.