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Gary Stoddard


Gary has enjoyed the arts from an early age and has involved himself in many. His favorites being visual arts, music and theater which he immerses himself in daily. Gary studied theater under a scholarship at the University of Utah and studied visual arts at Utah State University. Music has been a constant in his life having spent his early years in a performance arena with his family and later musical groups that has furthered his love of and creative opportunities in the field. Currently working with his brothers in various musical endeavors as the Stoddard Brothers and his current band Slickrock Gypsies, co-founded with Kevin Flynn, performs regularly on most of the popular summer festival and concert venues. Slickrock Gysies have four CDs to their credit.

Gary is also a visual artist working in watercolor and oil. His work can be seen in Sandy City hall's artist collection Sandy, Utah, as well as in many private collections throughout the intermountain west. He has also created four 25' x 50' murals for Marriot Hotels.

Gary has also designed characters for a children's calendar, "Where Am I Today", which was originally created with children of single parents in mind but, has become popular with all households who are very busy with keeping schedules in order (and the kids like the pictures and stickers) .


Gary has spent the last 4 years working as an arts specialist in different school districts. During this tenure he has had many opportunities to create various performances as well as programs that not only assist children in learning but that teach them that they too are artists, actors and music participants. Probably the most loved is his Musical "Whatever You Imagine" which he directed and has been performed at the Rose Wagner theater in Salt Lake City and the Sandy City Amphitheater as well as other venues. This show has recently been made available to the public for licensed performance.

His most recent works "The Masterpiece" ,"Secret of the Magic Keys" and "Treasures In My Own Backyard" are finding their own place into the hearts of families through it's music and message.

The concept of looking for and realizing all of life's many opportunities has and still is a life long learning process for Gary.

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