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“Whatever You Imagine” Is an energetic song and dance filled musical for children and adults which cascades the questions of youth and life reminding all of us that we have potential, we have a voice, that we are the captains of our own ship, to always plant good seeds in our lives and that Whatever We Imagine is possible and so much more!


This is the story of the struggle of one boy to find his place in the world and one magical dream filled night that changed his life forever with the help of three little winged Dream Weavers that make it all possible.


If you have a child, If you know a child, or if you were ever a child yourself, this show is a must see. ………What do YOU Imagine?

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 "The Secret of the Magic Keys" is a fun filled journey for the whole family as we watch, we all come to see we each are bearers of our own magic keys and that with the secret to unlocking them lies within our own imagination.



"The Secret of the Magic Keys" begins with a challenge from a not so typical classroom substitute teacher and the adventures that follow suit as he appears and disappears into the adventure of four unknowing students in search of something they desire but, don't know why. A wise old tree, three singing feathered divas, paper dolls, rock n' rollers and much much more await you in this fun and entertaining musical.

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 "The MasterPiece" is a musical with heart and fun for families helping all of us realize that we too can create a masterpiece in our own lives. Helping us to remember to feel good in our skin, to express our ideas and thoughts, that we teach others how we wish to be treated, that a little positive self talk always is a good thing and everyone of us is an important part of this world.




The story of one young artists desire to create the perfect masterpiece and the wonderful adventure her travels take her on with the help of her new found friend Imu. Together their experiences abound and the road takes her to a new place of understanding the masterpiece she truly has created.

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 "Treasures In My Own Backyard" is a wonderful story of tolerance, acceptance and understanding that helps us take a look at what we believe about others and ourselves and the bigger question, Why?. Through song, movement and dialog, all are taken along on a journey to uncover our own belief systems, what we value and where those beliefs came from.



"Treasures In My Own Backyard" is set in a in a make believe world where people are separated by color (Blue, Red, Green and Yellow) and by their belief of what is most important in making life complete (Music, Movement, Art or Words). Of course, they must choose only one group in which to integrate their whole life well, until "They" come to town and share the possibilities of all sharing in the possibility of a multi facetted self in which you can express yourself as you are and allow others the same opportunities to do so and live more happily than ever believed possible.


Your treasure awaits!