Plant Programs

This program was created with the 1st grade curriculum in mind. Plants, Plant Cycle, Roots, Sunlight, Soil, Water, Products from plants and our responsibility as humans to take care of plants. This is a fun and easy to put together program for parents and or your school. It definitely covers core requirements and is an enjoyable experience for students. And as we all know, kids retain more when they are having fun with learning.


All songs have easy choreography (hands mostly) and each class can do a short stage presentation during the song that relates to the lyrics. There is a written narrative that can be done by both teachers and students or by the students alone, that ties the songs and program together. King Flower, who has come from his Caribbean island far away to help children understand plants and their importance to humans and visa versa, creates the connective flow while 5 students present short one sentence narratives before each section or song.


The short but effective plant cycle song is sung between each "scene" or song so the children presenting on stage can prepare. The song is short so that it can be sung over and over depending on the time needed for the change over. Usually the student body can sing along with this song after a few times through and become involved in the performance as well .


 With your CD you will receive an instruction booklet and easy to make scenery for the classroom or stage and quick costumes (mostly paper items). Students can participate in this creative process as well completing yet another portion of the core requirements.


**Each CD comes with complete accompaniment, one track of each song with vocal for the learning process and another with just the accompaniment for each song for your performance. The CD has 5 total tracks as well as one transition song (for each scene change over)  for a program that lasts about 30-35 minutes.