Slickrock Gypsy










You looking for fun?!!                                                                                                             

Music Clip Covers

Good Night

3 Am

Hoochi Coochi Man




Like A River

Ants Marching

Alotta Nothin'

Take 5

5 O'Clock Somewhere

Knock on Wood

One Love

Ain't Been Anybody Like This

Good Thang

Can't Get Enough of You Baby

Moon Dance

Brick House

Super Freak

I Go Walkin'




Something for everybody?

Something to Dance to?

Something to Listen to?

Yes, of course we can

dress up!

Sure, we'd be perfect                    

for that kind of party .                

Ok, then......Call us

801 599 - 396                                                                       

Featuring Sounds of:

                                                Blues, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Classic, Country, and Pop


          Yes, ... It is the band you've been looking for!!

                                                      (SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!!!!!)

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12 minutes live concert shorts