Gary Stoddard

        (One Man Band)

Gary provides the entertainment and fullness of a band when he sequences his keyboard (plays then loops it) and then can play along on his acoustic or guitar, sax, flute, banjo, harmonica and sing along with a single voice or with harmonies seamlessly with his vocal harmonizer. You would never know there weren't 5 or six musicians playing.

This is great for smaller venues and gatherings.

Jazz, country, reggae, rock, blues and more for background or dance party. Favorites of many different genre's. Songs you know well or just find fun.

To give you a better idea, below you will be able to see and hear Gary playing in various styles of music in the 12 video links of a "One Man Band" performance.










Strangely Special


Living From The Heart


Baby Blue-Chicago Blues- Guitar, Sax, Keys, Harp                  

 Moon Dance- Jazz pop-Sax, Flute,& Keys  


I Go Walkin'- Countypop-Banjo & Harmonica                   


Good Thang- Funk Jazz -Keys & Sax  


Life is a River- Reggae-Guitar & Flute                                                      

I Only Want To Be With You-Hootie-Guitar & Harp


Suite Judy Blue Eyes-CSN-Guitar & Harmonies 


Dance of Love-Jazz lite- Flute, Sop Sax, Flute         


Flatt Rabbit- Jazz-Sax & Keys


Little Lion Man- Folk-Mumford & Sons                                


Alotta Nothin'- Blues-Louisianna style 


 Golden Circle- Blue Grass-Mandolin