Gary's Original Music CD's


These CD's use a variety of genres to share the messages of each emotionally charged song. "Life is a River" is Gary's first solo project which started as a personal challenge to see if he could write, arrange, sing all parts and play all instruments on the CD followed by "Silver Lining" and his CD of love songs "Seeing Through The Heart". His newest CD "Shift Happens" is avalilable now.

"The experience was awesome. To put it all together exactly the way I heard it in my head was an adventure in its self! It's  all about making a difference and bringing about positive change one song at a time."


  1. I Go Walkin'
  2. Living From The Heart
  3. Good Thang
  4. Elected To The Heart
  5. Anyway
  6. A Lot A Nothin'
  7. Hey Now
  8. Shift Happens
  9. I Am That
  10. Ain't Been Anybody Like This
  11. Pieces Of Love
  12. Little Blue Planet

      (CD Cover Artwork-Gary Stoddard)



  1. Even Still
  2. Marry Me Again
  3. Golden Circle
  4. Song of Our Lives
  5. Whisper Your Love
  6. While You're Sleeping
  7. Strangely Special
  8. When the Morning Comes
  9. I'm Outta Here
  10. Day Dreamin'

   (CD cover Artwork-Terri Stoddard)                               


  1. Silver Lining
  2. Dance and Sing
  3. Do You Believe in Angels?
  4. Don't Let It Pass By
  5. Get Out of the Way
  6. Sunshine Comes After the Rain      
  7. When You Begin to Laugh  
  8. All Around the World                                 
  9. You Gotta Keep On Dancin'                             
  10. A Little House
  11. Illusions
  12. Everyone Of Us

   (CD cover Artwork-Gary Stoddard)


  1. Learning to Love Yourself
  2. Whatever You Imagine
  3. New World
  4. I Am Awakening
  5. Everyday
  6. Life is a River
  7. Let Me Be Free
  8. Phases and Stages
  9. Dance of Love
  10. Return to Lisdoonvarna
  11. Unconditional Love
  12. Fragile Tear

(CD Artwork- Gary Stoddard)