Gary loves music!!!!........

.....writing, playing, performing and anything associated with it!! He spent his early years performing with his family, led by his father, for Christmas shows, corporate gatherings, and concerts. In his teens and through out College, he performed with his brothers playing in clubs, concerts, parties  and corporate events. Adding other musician friends into the mix, various styles and genre's of music crossed his path and created a broader range of appreciation and incorporation to his own presentation and creations.

His music has been featured in full length musicals, corporate presentations, concert ministries in non-denominational churches and gatherings, in community and festival concert settings throughout the western United States.

Gary Has performed his original  music in concert with world renowned authors/speakers Neale Donald Walsch, Alan Cohen, Mary-Manin Morressey, Dan Millman, Aman Motwane, Bijan and many others.

His music is positive and passionate without being trite. Music in many different musical styles that can be listened to over and over again to lift your spirit or even just to remember how fun life can be.

Making a difference in this world through music and the message of hope, tolerance and loving yourself just the way you are, are themes Gary holds true to his purpose and path.

Finding joy in each moment of this life experience is his goal. How about you? What do You IMAGINE???!!!!!